Aluminum Corp of China Ltd, Chalco,  installs eight AL-DCIK A/C ratio meters at their Guangxi Huasheng alumina refinery in southern China.

The AL-DCIK A/C ratio meters are being installed at the plant’s digesters and spent liquor lines to measure Alumina/Caustic ratio (A/C ratio).  A/C ratio measures how much alumina can be dissolved into the spent liquor and it is one of the most important process parameters in an alumina refinery.

The measurements of AL-DCIK provide real time continuous A/C ratios.  This allows for continuous adjustment of the ratio of bauxite slurry to spent liquor.

At the beginning of the year, ten PLA SmartDivers were purchased by Chalco to be installed at the same plant.

The installation of equipment is being supported by our Chinese office, Nanjing Precision International Corp.  Our team in China will also perform equipment commissioning and servicing at the plant.

AL-DCIK A/C ratio meters installed at Chalco's plant

Figure 1.  AL-DCIK A/C ratio meters installed at Guangxi Huasheng alumina refinery

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