Ten SmartDivers are ready to be delivered to Aluminum Corp of China Ltd, known as Chalco.  The units will be installed at the new Chalco’s Guangxi Huasheng alumina refinery in southern China. 

Chalco is part of Chinalco’s Group, the world’s second-largest alumina producer and third-largest primary aluminium producer (and the largest producer in China). The Group installed their first SmartDiver in China in 2011. 

PLA SmartDivers have been installed at Chinalco’s plants on decanters and washers where the client had a need to understand how the solids settle in their tanks and to get the overflow as clear as possible to optimize the tank performance and maximise production yield. 

Chalco’s Guangxi Huasheng alumina refinery has a production capacity of 2 million tonnes of alumina per year.  The plant will mainly process bauxite from Guinea, West Africa.

Our service office in China, Nanjing Precision International Corp, will be commissioning and servicing the SmartDiver units at the plant.

For more information contact us at sales@plapl.com.au

SmartDiver installed at one of Chalco's plants
SmartDiver installed at one of Chalco’s plants in China