Precision Light and Air- Process Analysers has announced today it has signed a distribution agreement with ProProcess to market and sell process analysers to the African region.  Under the agreement, ProProcess is appointed as PLA’s exclusive distributor for PLA’s SmartDiver in Africa.

“The partnership with ProProcess expands our global network and reflects our commitment to developing our marketing and support services to Africa” said Nic Waugh, Director of Precision Light and Air.

About ProProcess

ProProcess is a process focused engineering firm, able to contribute to an engineering project at any stage of development, from conceptualization throughout the life of the project, all the way up to implementation and production. ProProcess is a medium-sized enterprise, which services the chemical, metallurgical and petrochemical process industries. ProProcess is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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About PLA Process Analysers

Precision Light & Air is an instrumentation manufacturer specialising in process analysers for the minerals processing sector.  PLA’s analysers are particularly suited to high-scale and high temperature applications as seen in the Alumina and Nickel Industries. Currently PLA has installations in 17 countries around the world.

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