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AL-CARK Caustic Analyser

AL-CARK Caustic Analyser

Rugged Process Analysers for the Minerals Processing Sector


AL-CAR-K caustic analyser is a ruggedized inline refractometer sensor that provides continuous real-time slurry liquor phase density using refractive index. Refractive index sensors (RI meters) are extensively used in many process environments in industries such as sugar, pulp, and paper, chemical and food. This RI meter has been adapted to cater for measurement obstacles which are created by the rigors of the alumina process such as scaling and erosion.


  • Precise in-line real-time monitoring of slurry liquor-phase density
  • Density of the slurry liquor phase  is  independent of suspended solids or mud
  • Rugged probe designed specifically for the Alumina Industry
  • Reliance on lab sampling for caustic and A/C control is greatly reduced
  • Operators can respond immediately to process disturbances and have near immediate feedback of changes initiated
  • Closed loop feedback control for caustic liquor dilution loops is absolutely achievable


  • Unique design with completely digital sensing techniques: not moving parts
  • Jacking bolts to facilitate removal from the process
  • Digital transfer of data between the sensor and the indicating transmitter
  • Temperature compensation for changes in process temperature
  • Rugged all stainless steel external design
  • SAF2205 wetted parts with a PSZ ceramic tip.  Optical exotic wetted parts available.


The AL-CAR-K RI meter is suited for red and white side alumina processes. This refractometer sensor can be used to monitor liquor-phase density in areas such as the Digestion Blow Off (DBO)/Last Flash Tank and precipitation feed to provide accurate and repeatable control point measurements, resulting in large savings in production costs. In applications where the A/C ratio or molar ratio varies significantly, we recommend using the ALCAR-K in line refractometer sensor in conjunction with a conductivity device (AL-DCIK) or periodic lab sampling to assist in complete concentration control.

The AL-CAR-K  caustic analyser is also suitable for measurements of pressure acid leach (PAL) blow off in nickel refining. By monitoring the dissolved liquor components, free acid can be calculated and controlled. This impacts on pH levels resulting in fewer trace metals in the pregnant liquor as well as decreasing acid usage whilst increasing production with less downtime.

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