Are remote commissioning and training now the new normal?

Pre-Covid 19, equipment site commissioning and operation and maintenance training  was completed by our field specialists in Asia Pacific and our agent’s personnel around the world.

But with the travel restrictions, closure of domestic and international borders, quarantine requirements and restriction of visitors to mineral processing plants around the world, our teams and site personnel had to reinvent the way they work to complete commissioning and training tasks.

Tools that were reserved for remote technical support have been repurposed to collaborate with the site teams to perform longer and more complex tasks such as commissioning.

Teleconferencing facilities combined with the use of Remote 3/4/5G dial-in Team Viewer (software application for remote control, desk top sharing and file transfer between computers) installed in almost all the PLA product range, ensure that our team in the office can provide step by step guidance to the people in the field as they perform the commissioning work or even take control of the system remotely if required (figure 1).

Remote commissioning and training in progress     Teleconferencing facilities combined with the use of Team Viewer

Figure 1.  Remote commissioning job in progress

Training has also been completed remotely using the same tools.

The tool arsenal available to our teams has been complemented by the development of other resources including “how to” video procedures and instructions.

In addition, PLA has purchased RealWear intelligent wearables (figure 2).  These wearables are head-mounted, hands free remote collaboration tools that enable site personnel to get assistance from experienced technicians in the office via an enhanced two-way video call where the technician in the office can remotely see and hear what the person on site experiences.

The technology also enables site personnel to access reference documents e.g. manuals and drawings and step by step video instructions for complex tasks.  Our PLA team in Melbourne is currently setting up and testing the wearables with the goal of making remote commissioning of equipment and support easier for our customers (figure 3).

Intelligent wearables

Figure 2.  RealWare HMT-1 hands-free remote collaboration tool

PLA technician setting up and testing the intelligent wearable

Figure 3.  PLA technician trialing RealWare HMT-1 wearable

With the combination of technologies already in use, the development of new resources and the adoption of intelligent wearables, PLA is committed to adapt and ensure an easy transition for our teams and customers to the new normal remote commissioning and training in Covid-19 times.

For more information contact our technical team at or call us on +61 3 9786 1711

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