SmartDiver now carries the CE Marking

Date posted: July 28, 2020

The PLA SmartDiver is now stenciled with the CE marking.  This means SmartDiver complies with the European Union electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and machinery directives for health, safety and environmental protection.

The CE marking allows PLA to market SmartDiver freely in the 30 countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) as it satisfies the legislative requirements to be sold there.

The CE certification main goal is to ensure that the products are well designed, and safe for the user.  Customers often looked for products with the CE marking as an assurance that the safety and quality of the products have been verified.

The SmartDiver conformity evaluation included a full assessment of compliance to the directives, a rigorous risk assessment and an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test (figure 1).


Figure 1.  SmartDiver EMC testing set up

PLA carried out the conformity and risk assessments with Stradia Pty Ltd while the EMC compliance testing was performed by Compliance Engineering Pty Ltd.

Nic Waugh, Director of PLA, said “during the assessment process, we found a few non-compliance issues that were mainly related to documentation.

The EMC testing initially failed due to one of the devices emitting excessive EMF but this was easily rectified by the addition of some ferrite beads to the analyser incoming and outgoing cables.  A good find none the less.

PLA has always used the best components reasonably available (most of them carrying the CE marking) in a robust and safe design.  Therefore, we were expecting the certification process to go smoothly”.

SmartDiver       CE marking

Figure 2.  First unit with CE marking

“Now that the process is complete, we are able to easily access the European market and even though I think the product is not a better product as a result of the certification, the marking will provide all our customers with an extra level of confidence in the safety and quality of the design and manufacturing of our SmartDiver”.   Mr. Waugh said.

For more information contact our technical team at or call us on +61 3 9786 1711

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