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We’re Ready


We're ready initiative


What does it mean for our employees?

The employee is ready because he/she:

  • is empowered to make any decision they choose provided they are answerable for it.
  • has been provided all the tools to do the job
  • has back up tools and back up plans in case something lets him/ her down
  • travels in a manner such that he/ she is ready to work as soon as they hit the ground.
  • has been pre-cleared for medical fitness
  • has at their disposal the complete organisation’s capabilities while they are on site. Meaning site work takes precedence over all other PLA work. We have that person’s back.

What does it mean for our customers?

PLA is ready because:

  • We are always looking at the serviceability of our equipment and constantly making it better. More accurate, more reliable less MTBF.
  • We are constantly updating software and hardware so that any new innovation can be rolled out.
  • We are always looking at what’s around the corner for our customers and the instrumentation industry.
  • We are not reactive. We are pro-active. We pre-empt what’s going to happen. If something does go wrong, it has the full attention of the complete organisation.
  • Our factory always has the latest equipment, in good order and enough spares to keep it operational.
  • The factory is always kept large enough with spare capacity to meet any repair or manufacturing need.
  • We will cancel or move any internal event or job where a customer has an urgent need for our time.
  • We will operate to the customer’s site standards and safety standards and our own, whichever is more stringent.
  • We will keep the PLA team small and contract out repetitive tasks ensuring the only work that happens at our factory is high end.
  • We are not constrained by a board of directors. Our single director organisation structure allows us to focus on perfection and not profit

We’re ready stories  

Tank profile and level measurement data sent via ethernet radio link enables diagnosis of settling issues

Precision Light and Air Offices

Precision Light and Air Australia
(Head office)

17 Sir Laurence Drive
Seaford Vic 3198
Phone: +61 3 9786 1711

Precision Light and Air North America (sales office)

Contact: Patrick Morgan
Phone: +1 876 381 0125
Fax: +1 876 963 0313

Nanjing Precision International Corp

Contact: Matt Chen
Level 6, Unit 2, Building 21
Yangzi Kechuang Headquarte
5 Pudong North Rd, Pukou District, Nanjing
P.R.China. 210031
Phone: +86 139 0515 8762


Utah and Surrounding States

Process Technology
4084 South 300 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84107

South America: AS-Chile

Contact: Ruben Morales Aravena
Telefono: +56 2 277 7480


Yellow Solutions
Office phone: +55 19 3461 0525
Office address: Rua Castanheiras, nº 156, Jd. São Paulo - Americana – SP
Web address:


Contact: Sergio Burelli
Phone: +27 (0) 11 568 2092
7 Sam Green Road
Tunney, Germiston 1401, South Africa