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White paper – abstract

The two key parameters for the effective control of settlers, washers and tailing thickeners are the interface and mud level.  Manual measurement of these is risky and labor intensive.  Using SmartDiver, it is now possible to automatically track suspended solids and density throughout the entire profile of the vessel, providing a more accurate measurement of interface and mud levels that are easily integrated with a control system.

Using these data, control strategies of varying complexity from standard feedback to feed forward and model predictive control can be employed, resulting in significant reduction of overflow suspended solids with minimum consumption of flocculant.

Enhanced control of mud level can increase underflow density resulting in less liquor passing to washers in the case of settlers, whilst improving the efficiency of washers within a CCD circuit.  Increased underflow density in tailing thickeners, will reduce the volume of slurry entering the tailings, subsequently increasing its lifespan.

Significant cost and environmental benefits can be achieved by optimizing the performance of the settlers, washers and tailing thickeners with the use of SmartDiver.

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